Puberty can be so Embarrassing

18 min, 12 sec / 160 Photos
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Categories: Skinny, Cut, Small, Trimmed, Fucking, Brown Hair, Black Hair, Twinks, Natural, AnalModels: Harry Cox, Jason Alcok
Jason Alcok is a horny young twink that doesn't know how to control his sexual urges. He stays after class to explain to his teacher Harry Cox that there are times where he just can't standup to go to the black board. Harry is intrigued by this and shenanigans ensue very rapidly. The teacher/student bond has never been so intimate.

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Bad Kids get the Ultimate Punishment

15 min, 58 sec / 147 Photos
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Categories: Skinny, Small, Trimmed, Fucking, Brown Hair, Black Hair, Twinks, AnalModels: Nate Kennedy, Tyler Bolt, Brice Carson
It's time for detention and Nate Kennedy, the teacher, is totally fed up. Tyler Bolt is a little snot nosed punk and Nate is about to fail him. What can be done to remedy this situation... hmm' Nate puts his twink student up on his desk and blows him. He flips him around and fucks his sweet tight virgin ass as well. That'll teach him!

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Always In The Locker Room

13 min, 15 sec / 118 Photos
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Categories: Trimmed, Brown Hair, Blond Hair, 3 Some, Rimming, Kissing, Twinks, Masturbation, AnalModels: Maddox Johnson, Kaiden Ertelle, Ethan Storm
This is an excellent threesome scene with Ethan Storm, Kaiden Ertelle and Maddox Johnson. They're in a locker room and it's totally unexpected. Two guys are enjoying their usual after school routine of giving and receiving head. Little do they know that there's a twink straggler among them. He really wants to be included so they ramp up the action by getting him naked and fucking his ass and cute little mouth all at once.

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Twink Passions Unleashed

39 min, 20 sec / 285 Photos
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Categories: Cum Eating, Shaved, Fucking, Brown Hair, Blond Hair, Rimming, Kissing, Twinks, Masturbation, Facial, Tattoos, AnalModels: Levon Meeks, Kaiden Ertelle
Kaiden Ertelle and Levon Meeks' day begins with some relaxing and chatting by the pool. Kaiden makes small talk, trying to find the courage to ask Levon to come to his room inside. He finally comes out and say it, and to his relief Levon doesn't hesitate for a second. Once inside, Kaiden doesn't waste any time - he tears Levon's clothes down and engulfs his sweet cock. This scene is filled with so much action in so many different positions, it'll be impossible for you not to cum midway through it! These two superb twinks kiss, suck, fuck, lick, cumswap, and more. Hands down the best video you'll see today!

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Twinks Have Locker Room Love

18 min, 31 sec / 193 Photos
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Categories: Large Dick, Shaved, Fucking, Blond Hair, Kissing, Twinks, Masturbation, Tattoos, AnalModels: Preston Andrews, Kayden Daniels
After gym classmates taunt Preston Andrews he sulks in the locker room with sympathetic friend Kayden Daniels. Kayden really wants to cheer his friend up and if sucking on his dick is the only way to do it then so be it! They blow each other fiercely before Preston uses his wet cock to fuck Kayden right there in the locker room.

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Sex Lessons For A Teacher's Aide

15 min, 1 sec / 102 Photos
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Categories: Ass Play, Trimmed, Fucking, Blond Hair, Black Hair, Rimming, Kissing, Twinks, Masturbation, AnalModels: Kaiden Ertelle, Ethan Storm
A teacher's aide, Kaiden Ertelle, is interviewing for a position within the school. In this teacher/aide interaction, a lot of new things are learned. For example: the teacher learns that a young boy's asshole tastes mighty delicious. As another example: the aide learns that fucking the ass of Ethan Storm the teacher is way better than trying to score the job some other way. We have a feeling that this 18 year old aide will be coming back for more afterschool.

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Home Alone Horny Twinks

38 min, 58 sec / 150 Photos
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Categories: Shaved, Fucking, Brown Hair, Kissing, Twinks, Masturbation, AnalModels: Jeremy Sommers, Levon Meeks
Jeremy Sommers has the whole house to himself... What is there to do' Well, fucking his hot friend Levon Meeks of course! Jeremy quickly rings up his best sex buddy, Levon, who is secretly in love with him. Levon rushes over to Jeremy's house and without wasting anytime they go up to the bedroom and start kissing. Levon unzips Jeremy's shorts and starts licking his cock up and down. We can see his nice cock getting harder and harder with every lick. Jeremy returns the favor and they really start to get into it. He licks Levon's tight ass hole and then inserts his sweet cock into him. They fuck fuck and moan for a while before exchanging the best gift of all: hot cum!

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All Star Pool Twink Matchup

25 min, 43 sec / 150 Photos
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Categories: Shaved, Fucking, Brown Hair, Blond Hair, Kissing, Twinks, Masturbation, Tattoos, AnalModels: Jeremy Sommers, Kaiden Ertelle
Kaiden Ertelle and Jeremy Sommers are out swimming in the pool naked. They are having a lot of fun when the sexual tension starts kicking in and they start making out. After feeling how hard each other's cock is, they dry themselves up and move to the bedroom. Kaiden wastes no time and throws Jeremy on the bed before kissing him and letting him suck on his freshly hard cock. Kaiden moans with pleasure and then returns the favor by engulfing Jeremy's cock down deep inside his mouth. After a bit of foreplay, Jeremy begins to fuck Kaiden's dreamy ass! They fuck in many different positions on the bed before they both let out a nice load of hot cum!

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Twink Reveals Secret Crush & Fucks Friend

13 min, 49 sec / 69 Photos
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Categories: Trimmed, Fucking, Brown Hair, Blond Hair, Kissing, Twinks, Masturbation, Facial, AnalModels: Steffen Van, Jayden Ellis
Jayden Ellis and Steffen Van are two friends who are sweaty and worn out from a day at the gym. Jayden tries to hide his secret fantasy to fuck Steffen, but Steffen picks up on Jayden's feelings and seduces him with a hot kiss. Kissing quickly turns into sucking each others' cocks before Jayden finally fulfills his fantasy with lots of hot, hardcore fucking.

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Obedient Student Gets Sex Lesson

10 min, 37 sec / 105 Photos
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Categories: Ass Play, Red Hair, Trimmed, Fucking, Brown Hair, Lollipop, Twinks, Masturbation, AnalModels: Atlanta Grey, Braden Phoenix
This kid, Atlanta Grey, is 18 and totally horny. He spends his time afterschool drawing naked pictures of his idol, drama teacher Braden Phoenix. When the teacher catches him, he takes advantage of the teen's devotion. Soon the young man has his ass spread and there's a lollipop going in and out of his crack. The teacher doesn't let him go just yet. He needs to feel his tight ass against his dick before he's totally satisfied. This heated first time sex scene is not something you should miss. You know for sure the student will never forget this experience!

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