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Always In The Locker Room

13 min, 15 sec / 118 Photos
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Categories: Trimmed, Brown Hair, Blond Hair, 3 Some, Rimming, Kissing, Twinks, Masturbation, AnalModels: Maddox Johnson, Kaiden Ertelle, Ethan Storm
This is an excellent threesome scene with Ethan Storm, Kaiden Ertelle and Maddox Johnson. They're in a locker room and it's totally unexpected. Two guys are enjoying their usual after school routine of giving and receiving head. Little do they know that there's a twink straggler among them. He really wants to be included so they ramp up the action by getting him naked and fucking his ass and cute little mouth all at once.

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Hot Twinks Give First BJs

8 min, 54 sec / 113 Photos
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Categories: Red Hair, Trimmed, Brown Hair, Kissing, Twinks, Masturbation, BlowjobModels: Maddox Johnson, Atlanta Grey
The school is all but shut down for the day, other than these two stranglers, Atlanta Grey and Maddox Johnson that have detention. These young men often misbehave, teasing and fighting each other. There's some definite sexual tension going on. When the teacher leaves for the day, the guys begin they're real fun. Blowjobs ensue as well as mutual masturbation. The cum flies all over the teacher's desk and they just don't care.

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Learning With A Hot Young Teacher

15 min, 38 sec / 88 Photos
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Categories: Trimmed, Brown Hair, Spank, Toys, 3 Some, Twinks, Masturbation, AnalModels: Spencer London, Maddox Johnson, Braden Phoenix
The classroom is empty except for Maddox Johnson and Spencer London who have to stay late for detention. The lesson today isn't History or Math: it's sex! Sexy guys can do things to each other without women being around to please them. Watch these two hot teen studs turn into twinks in the blink of an eye. They suck off the teacher, Braden Phoenix, and some fucking starts immediately after. Soon there are three large hard cocks on your screen, each of which is aching to be stroked band sucked and so much more. Can you handle this sexy anatomy lesson or not'

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Is It A Lesson Or A Farce

21 min, 45 sec / 102 Photos
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Categories: Trimmed, Fucking, Brown Hair, Twinks, Masturbation, AnalModels: Maddox Johnson, Andy Kay
The lesson plan is set but will soon be ignored in a scene with Andy Kay and Maddox Johnson. The young teacher and teen have always gotten along marvelously and are ready to take their relationship to the next level. They've both had homosexual tendencies but are exploring them for the first time here. It's a pretty brazen move to do this on a desk in a classroom, but who cares' It's all about the heat of the moment and the heat is definitely pumpin' here. Dicks get sucked, asses get fucked, and so much more happens. Don't blink or you may miss out on all the delicious gay action that transpires.

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Big Dick Contest In Class

11 min, 7 sec / 126 Photos
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Categories: Trimmed, Brown Hair, Black Hair, Twinks, Masturbation, BlowjobModels: Maddox Johnson, Phillip Ashton
These two young men Maddox Johnson and Phillip Ashton are in a class all by themselves. There are no other students and no teacher to watch over them, so the twinkier of the two suggests they have a big dick contest. Whoever has the largest dick gets it sucked! The jock type guy is confident his dick will be bigger but boy is he mistaken! He ends up on his knees sucking the twink's dick until he cums!

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Boy On Boy Private School Antics

14 min, 16 sec / 78 Photos
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Categories: Shaved, Fucking, Brown Hair, Blond Hair, Bareback, Twinks, Masturbation, AnalModels: Maddox Johnson, Kayden Daniels
Kayden Daniels and Maddox Johnson go to a fancy prep school and they're totally horny. These two hot young guys are the last ones left showering at school. One boy makes mention of this and the action starts almost immediately. They suck and fuck right in the locker room without a care in the world. Watch these teens get it on. Male on male action has never been this cute or fun. Check them out.

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