Twinks Fuck to Relieve Stress

17 min, 19 sec / 203 Photos
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Categories: Shaved, Fucking, Blond Hair, Kissing, Twinks, Masturbation, AnalModels: Casey Jones, Brice Carson
This scene starts with some serious twink stress as Casey Jones panics about an upcoming chemistry test. But Brice Carson is there to help! He doesn't know anything about textbook chemistry, but he certainly knows a thing or two about twink chemistry! He does some instructing to Casey's cute little ass before he explodes with cum all over the twink's stomach.

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Naughty Student is Punished for Plagiarism

19 min, 52 sec / 95 Photos
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Categories: Trimmed, Fucking, Brown Hair, Kissing, Twinks, Masturbation, Glasses, AnalModels: Adam Scott, Krys Perez
Krys Perez is a disciplinary professor in this unbelievably hot scene. His student Adam Scott has plagiarized and is terrified of being expelled. He has to find a way to convince his professor not to get him in trouble and it seems the only way to do that is to get on his knees and put Krys' cock in his mouth. The Prof takes full advantage and has his naughty student bent over and taking it. What a hot fantasy!

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Massage Leads to Twink Anal

20 min, 25 sec / 117 Photos
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Categories: Trimmed, Fucking, Black Hair, Twinks, Masturbation, Tattoos, AnalModels: Trey Korbin, Colby London
Colby London is suffering from a sore back so his friend Trey Korbin offers to help loosen it up. Soon he's on the massage table getting rubbed and it feels amazing. It turns him on and more importantly the twink rubbing him is getting all hot and bothered. The two of them are going to fuck, as you suspected from the start. It's damn good twink sex too.

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Student & Teacher Compare Cock Size

18 min, 34 sec / 78 Photos
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Categories: Trimmed, Fucking, Brown Hair, Twinks, Masturbation, Tattoos, Glasses, AnalModels: Krys Perez, Levon Meeks
Krys Perez plays a horny professor who's curious about the size of student Levon Meeks' cock. When they compare sizes Levon is so turned on he can't help but give his prof some delicious deepthroat action. The naughty prof is convinced and bends Levon over to satisfy himself into his student's young, tight ass.

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Twink Gets Spanked with Ruler & Fucked in Detention

19 min, 20 sec / 145 Photos
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Categories: Shaved, Fucking, Brown Hair, Spank, Bareback, Rimming, Kissing, Twinks, Masturbation, Tattoos, AnalModels: Leo Page, Dustin Revees
Dustin Revees and Leo Page are two schoolboys stuck in detention. When Dustin starts getting mouthy Leo bends him over and smacks his ass with a ruler. When that doesn't make him behave, Leo brings Dustin to his knees to give him a deep, thorough blowjob. Of course one thing leads to another and soon Leo is licking Dustin's asshole so he can pound it with ease. If only detention had been this much fun!

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Hot Twinks Give First BJs

8 min, 54 sec / 113 Photos
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Categories: Red Hair, Trimmed, Brown Hair, Kissing, Twinks, Masturbation, BlowjobModels: Maddox Johnson, Atlanta Grey
The school is all but shut down for the day, other than these two stranglers, Atlanta Grey and Maddox Johnson that have detention. These young men often misbehave, teasing and fighting each other. There's some definite sexual tension going on. When the teacher leaves for the day, the guys begin they're real fun. Blowjobs ensue as well as mutual masturbation. The cum flies all over the teacher's desk and they just don't care.

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Glory Hole Leads to Glorious Facial

18 min, 49 sec / 175 Photos
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Categories: Shaved, Fucking, Brown Hair, Kissing, Twinks, Masturbation, Facial, AnalModels: Casey Jones, Ashton Rush
Ashton Rush and Casey Jones are being very naughty and smoking for the first time outside of class. All of the adrenaline makes them horny so they meet in the boy's washroom for a quick but delicious fuck. Casey drops to his knees immediately and begins pleasuring Ashton with his mouth. When the boys discover a glory hole they take full advantage and end the scene with a tantalizing facial.

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Student Shows Biology Teacher What the Mouth is Really For

13 min, 30 sec / 73 Photos
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Categories: Large Dick, Trimmed, Fucking, Blond Hair, Kissing, Twinks, Masturbation, Facial, Glasses, AnalModels: Steffen Van, Preston Andrews
This scene begins with a private biology lesson on the different parts of the mouth. But student Preston Andrews knows something about the mouth that teacher Steffen Van doesn't: that it gives delicious head. He demonstrates by stuffing his teacher's cock in his mouth which quickly turns into a lesson on how useful his cute little twink ass is too! If you ever fantasized about a teacher this is the scene for you!

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Teacher wants that twink cock inside him

19 min, 51 sec / 226 Photos
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Categories: Trimmed, Fucking, Brown Hair, Blond Hair, Twinks, Masturbation, AnalModels: Jordan Dallas, Ace Sterling
Ace Sterling stands at the front of the classroom trying to convince Jordan Dallas that he should be more relaxed and friendly with the teacher. There's no reason they can't be friends. Maybe they can be friends with benefits. Jordan is into that and soon can be seen on his knees giving his teacher a blowjob. Teach likes that and wants to return the favor. Jordan is no fool and knows there's always pleasure to be had in a cock wrapped around his lips. This kinky education professional wants a cock in the ass so Jordan gets his dick ready and humps that teacher's hole hard. The sounds of flesh slapping together and moans of pleasure fill the room.

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Cute Boy Fucked By His Teacher

13 min, 47 sec / 78 Photos
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Categories: Trimmed, Fucking, Brown Hair, Blond Hair, Twinks, Masturbation, AnalModels: Preston Andrews, Wade Warren
The cute blonde boy Preston Andrews is getting a private lesson in drama from his teacher, handsome Wade Warren just a few years removed from college. Ultimately the twink must prove his skill as a sexual being if he wants to pass the class though. His cocksucking abilities are impressive and he takes it up the ass like a pro. He's going to get an A!

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